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Awards 2008

The Lebanese American University and its Alumni Association take much pride in announcing the recipients of this year’s Alumni Recognition Award & Alumni Achievement Award.

The awards were distributed during the Homecoming Dinner which took place this year on July 5, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. at La Terrace du Biel, Beirut.

The Selection Committee, and as an exceptional measure this year, has decided to grant the Alumni Recognition Award to two exceptional alumni figures namely Dr. Paul F. Boulos ‘84 President and Chief Operating Officer of MWH Soft, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of International Advisors of the Lebanese American University and to Mr. Saad El Zein ‘89, Managing Director of Abraj Property Developers and President of Dubai and Northern Emirates Alumni Chapter.

The Selection Committee, also as an exceptional measure, has decided to grant the Alumni Achievement Award to yet another two exceptional alumni figures namely Mrs. Diala Fil Rayess ‘03, Founding Member and President of Tamanna Organization and to Ms. Tala Sinno ‘04, the visionary leader and co-founder of Toufoula Organization.

We would like to thank our remarkable alumni for their outstanding contribution to their University and distinguished human service to their community and country.

Congratulations to LAU for producing top-notch alumni!


Achievement Award

[Photo] Ms. Tala Atef Sinno

Achievement Award

[Photo] Ms. Diala Fil Rayess

Recognition Award

[Photo] Mr. Saad El Zein

Recognition Award

[Photo] Mr. Paul F. Boulos

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