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Chapter Elections

As per the Constitution and Bylaws of the Alumni Association of the Lebanese American University (Constitution and Bylaws), elections for alumni chapters worldwide will take place in the fall.

Officers and members are elected for a term of three years. They may be reelected for one additional term, after which a hiatus of one year is required before running for office again. Elections may also take place to replace those officers or members at large who have moved or resigned, in an attempt to complete the maximum board of 15 members, as allowed in the Bylaws.  

General Guidelines for elections   

Elections are to be scheduled before the end of December of each year.

For chapters that have been established for more than 10 years, only alumni who have been members of their executive committees for a period of at least three years are eligible to run for an officer’s position (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer).

Only alumni who are graduates of AJCW, BCW, BUC and LAU are eligible to run for office of an executive committee of a chapter (Bylaws Article II, Section 2).

Membership dues must be paid prior to the nomination deadline set by the chapter, whether to vote or to run for an elected office (Bylaws Article II, Section 1).

For more information on the elections and names of persons in your chapter charged with the collection of fees, please go to “Information for Chapters Elections ‘23.

A fixed membership fee of USD 10 for both an alumni ID and annual membership, and USD 5 for annual membership alone or ID alone have been set by the University.

Mechanism for elections

  1. Candidates may participate in one chapter’s elections only.
  2. Members will be elected for a three-year term.
  3. Outgoing officers and members who served one term only are eligible to run for a second term.
  4. Candidates are kindly requested to fill out the Candidacy Form and submit it no later than November. 
  5. Lists of candidates will be announced and their biographies posted on LAU’s Alumni website along with the dates and locations of elections for each chapter.
  6. As further communication/announcements concerning the elections will be done by email and/or posted on the LAU Alumni website, please make sure your contact information is updated, especially your email address. 

The Alumni Relations Office is coordinating with the Alumni chapters to make this year’s elections a success. We are most certainly hoping for a large turnout to ensure optimum alumni representation. 

You can count on our assistance for any query or help.

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