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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I an alumnus / alumna?

The Latin words ‘alumni’ and ‘alumnus’ refer to graduates from schools, colleges and universities. Once you have obtained your LAU degree you automatically become an alumnus/alumna of LAU.

Alumnus - male singular
Alumni - male plural; male/female plural
Alumna - female singular
Alumnae - female plural

I graduated, now what?

If you would like to be part of a growing and interesting network of fellow graduates and professionals, please visit the LAU Alumni website frequently to keep in touch, and stay up to date on the latest University and Alumni events and news in Lebanon and worldwide.

How can I get in touch with other university alumni?

Contact the Alumni Relations Office.

I have lost track of a former classmate, can LAU help me find him/her?

Please e-mail us at or call +9611786456 ext. 1136 stating your request and the name of the person you wish to contact. Please note that, while we can contact him/her on your behalf, we are not at liberty to give out information on our alumni.

I forgot my LAU email address and password; what should I do?

Kindly contact us via e-mail:, attaching a scanned copy of your passport or any valid identification in addition to your full name as well as your ID number if you recall it. Your e-mail account should be activated within 48 hours. You will receive an e-mail from the IT Department with your username and password, and instructions on activating your account.

How can LAU help me find a job?

Career Guidance and Academic Advising is to advise and assist LAU students and alumni during their career planning process by providing them with the latest high-quality training, tools and resources.

For more information about the services they provide, kindly visit this Page.

What should I do if I’m a returning graduate/ undergraduate?

This page has all details you need.

Who should I contact if I need copies of my transcripts, certificates etc.? 

Option 1 (Online requests)

Visit the Registrar’s Office web page for detailed information on submitting requests for your official transcript, grades, authentication of certificates etc. The latter can also be requested online from the Banner Student System (login using your LAU username and password).  

If you have difficulty accessing your account, please contact us to reset your credentials or provide you with a username and password:

By email at, stating your request and attaching a scanned copy of your passport or any valid identification, in addition to providing us with your full name and ID number (if you recall it).


By phone +9611786456 ext. 1136, providing same.

Payments for placed requests can be made online, or in person at the Business Office.

Option 2 (requests made in person at the University)

You or anyone on your behalf can submit a request at the Registrar’s Office and settle the required amount. All requested documents require four working days to be processed. 

I need help finding contact information for a University department or service, where can I find all the information?

Here’s the list of all LAU Offices & Service. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll gladly track it down for you. 

What are the benefits of having an Alumni ID & membership?

Your Alumni ID gives you access to University premises throughout the year except students elections’ day. View all benefits alumni and family receive from being active (i.e. having a membership and ID).

What are the requirements for issuing a new Alumni ID to former graduates?

You will need to provide:

Please note that current year graduates are entitled to a complementary lifetime ID & membership.

IDs take one week to process.

Is the ID a lifetime ID?

Your Alumni ID is a lifetime ID and replaced only if lost or damaged. 

If I would like to be featured in the LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin - Class Notes section, what should I do?

To share your news and accomplishments, kindly use this form.

You can view all previous issues of the LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin at

How do I find out information on alumni chapters, or how do I join a chapter?

Here’s the full list of LAU Alumni Chapters. Click on the chapter in your area or nearest to you for contact details. 

How can I get an LAU email account?

Kindly write to, attaching a scanned copy of your passport in addition to any other identification document (ID) that has your photo and full name; along with your LAU ID number (if you still recall it). You should receive an e-mail with your username and password within 48 hours of placing your request.

How can I gain access to the library?

This page has all the information you need. If in doubt, please call us on +9611786456 Ext. 1136.

How do I purchase a class ring? 

Class rings are available at the Alumni Relations Office. If in doubt, please call us on +9611786456 Ext. 1136.

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