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Alumni Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program allows LAU students to connect with experienced mentors who can offer advice and guidance related to their chosen career paths and overall professional development. By connecting students with alumni who have already navigated the professional landscape, the program is helping to create a strong network of professionals who can support each other throughout their careers.

The Alumni Mentorship Program at LAU is entirely voluntary, as this allows students to opt-in based on their interest and availability. LAU is giving its students support over their own academic and professional development. It allows students to take ownership of their own development and seek guidance from mentors when they feel it is necessary.

For students

Why you should consider this mentorship

How it works

Enrolled in the Alumni Mentoring Program in your:


All senior students are eligible to participate at any time through an application process
Start your application        Guidelines for students
Approval should not take more than 1 week.
You will be contacted by GMI for the next steps to begin your mentorship!


For Mentors

It’s easy for LAU Alumni to be great mentors

LAU gives priority to alumni mentors when pairing them with current students as alumni are often more invested in the success of their alma mater and are more likely to be able to relate to the current student experience. However, if there are no available alumni mentors in a particular field of study, a mentor from the GMI (Global Mentorship Initiative) pool will be assigned to work with the student.
Start your application      Guidelines for mentors
After you apply, you will be notified of your acceptance


Learn more about GMI in this short video.



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