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Riyadh Chapter - Annual Iftar Gathering


Under the gracious patronage of His Excellency Dr. Fawzi Kabbara, Ambassador of Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, the Lebanese American University (LAU) alumni in Riyadh celebrated a momentous occasion: the 100-year anniversary of our esteemed institution. This joyous event was commemorated with an Iftar gathering at the exquisite Serai Restaurant, where over 180 Lebanese expatriates united in a heartwarming celebration of our shared heritage and achievements. As we reflected on a century of academic excellence and community, the spirit of togetherness and the warmth of Saudi Arabia’s hospitality shone brightly. LAU Alumni - Riyadh Chapter is profoundly grateful for the generosity and support of this blessed land, which has embraced everyone as its own. It is in this spirit of gratitude and camaraderie that the LAU alumni in Riyadh, extend their heartfelt thanks to Saudi Arabia for fostering a welcoming environment for everyone to thrive. As we look forward to the next century, we remain committed to upholding the values and legacy of LAU, while continuing to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

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