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Nabila Jabbour Fares ‘56

Nabila Jabbour Fares is a prominent figure in Lebanon, known for her extensive involvement in various social and civic organizations. She has served as the Mayor of Rabiya, El-Metn, Lebanon since 1985, showcasing her commitment to public service and local governance.

Fares received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work in 1956 from the Lebanese American University (LAU), formerly known as Beirut College for Women (BCW). Armed with her educational background, she embarked on a lifelong journey of serving and advocating for the welfare of children and marginalized communities.

Throughout her career, Fares has held notable positions in several organizations dedicated to child welfare and community development. She has served as the President of the “Civil Association for the Safeguard of the Child in Lebanon” (ACSAUVEL) since 2003, actively working to protect and support the rights of children in Lebanon.

Additionally, Fares has held the position of General Secretary of “The National Union for Institutions and Parents of Mentally Retarded in Lebanon.” She has also served as the Vice President of the “National Committee for the Lebanese Child,” highlighting her commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of children at a national level.

Fares’s contributions extend beyond her work in child welfare. She co-founded and served as the President of the “Rabiya Garden Club” for several mandates, emphasizing her interest in environmental and community development initiatives. Moreover, she founded and presided over the Board of Direction of the “Cooperative Association for Lebanese Artisans,” promoting the advancement of Lebanese artisans and their crafts.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions, Fares received three prestigious awards in 2022. She was honored with the Lebanese Order of Merit from the President of the Lebanese Republic, as well as the Icon of Gratitude from both the Lebanese Maronite Order and the Mount Lebanon Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. These awards acknowledge her dedication and impact in various spheres of Lebanese society.

Fares’s commitment to social development and advocacy has also extended to an international level. In 1994, she was an invited participant and speaker at the International Colloquium of Mayors on Social Development held at the United Nations in New York, USA. Her active involvement in drafting the Final Declaration showcases her engagement in shaping policies and strategies for social development at a global scale.

Overall, Nabila Jabbour Fares has made significant contributions to Lebanon’s social and civic landscape through her leadership roles and involvement in numerous organizations dedicated to child welfare, community development, and artisanal crafts. Her dedication and achievements have earned her recognition and respect both within Lebanon and internationally.


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