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Ms. Tania Saleh

She is a Lebanese singer/songwriter/visual artist and considered as one of the founders of the Arabic independent alternative musical scene in Lebanon and the Arab world. She received an AA degree in Advertising and a BA in Fine Arts from LAU in 1990 and a Maitrise in Art Plastiques from La Sorbonne in Paris in 1992.

She started her career as art director, copywriter, singer, illustrator, and animator. She worked at Future TV then at Leo Burnett, and for the rest of her career did freelance work as creative consultant for various advertising companies, artists, TV stations, local and international brands.

During her career years in art and advertising, she also worked as a singer/songwriter from 1990 to 2017 producing independent music albums and music videos, writing songs for film soundtracks and singers as well as producing more than 50 jingles for various Lebanese and international brands. She has performed live in a number of major international festivals and opera houses around the world including Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan, USA, England, Sweden, Norway, and many others.

She received the Sheikh Zayed Award at LAU in 1990.

The Dubai Press Award for Best independent music album in 2002.

Best Film Soundtrack for Nadine Labaki’s film Where do we go now, at the Stockholm International Film Festival in 2011. A soundtrack that had made it that year to number 1 on the TOP 10 list of best selling albums at Virgin Megastore, Beirut, and was distributed worldwide.

Prix France Musique Sacem also for best Film Soundtrack Where do we go now in 2012.

The German Critics Award for World Music for her audiovisual album “Intersection” in 2018 which is today nominated for the Global Arts Award to be held in November of this year.

Mrs. Tania Saleh, we are proud of you and we wish you luck in all your endeavors.



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