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Mrs. Emily Abi Rashed Nasrallah

Mrs. Emily Abi Rashed Nasrallah ‘56 is a novelist, journalist, lecturer, teacher, woman’s rights activist and winner of many national and international prizes among which:

1962 - Laureate Best Novel - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September) 
1962 - Poet Said Akl Prize - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September) 
1962 - Friends of the Book Prize - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September) 
Fairuz Magazine Prize - Outstanding Literary Works 
Khalil Jibran Prize - Arab Heritage Union, Australia
1998 - LIBBY Children’s Book Prize - Novel “Yawmiyyat Hirr “
2000 - Author’s all works affirmed required matter for candidates to M.A. and PhD Degree - Saint Joseph University, Beirut 
1998 - IBBY Honour List for Children’s Novel - “A Cat’s Diary”
2002 - Poet Said Akl Prize - Essay on “Southern Winds” (Riyah Janoubiyah)

Mrs. Nasrallah is also a strong supporter to her Alma Mater.

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