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Alumni Awards 2010

The Lebanese American University and its Alumni Association take much pride in announcing the recipients of this year’s Alumni Recognition Award & Alumni Achievement Award.


The Selection Committee has decided to grant the Alumni Achievement Award to an exceptional alumni figure H.E. Minister Dr. Selim El Sayegh ‘83, Lebanese Minister of Social Affairs, for being the first LAU graduate to be appointed as a minister in the Lebanese Government and for his numerous achievements in this position. Many awards have crowned Minister El Sayegh’s academic career namely:

1991 - Prix René Cassin pour des travaux en droit humanitaire.

1993 - Prix Maurice Picard de l'Académie de Paris pour la meilleure thèse en droit et science politique.

2003 - Member honoraire de l'Académie des Sciences de Hongrie.

2005 - Laureat des Palmes académiques.


The Selection Committee has decided to grant the Alumni Recognition Award to yet another exceptional alumni figure Mrs. Emily Abi Rashed Nasrallah ‘56 Novelist, journalist, lecturer, teacher, woman’s rights activist and winner of many national and international prizes among which:

1962 - Laureate Best Novel - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September)
1962 - Poet Said Akl Prize - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September)
1962 - Friends of the Book Prize - Toyour Ayloul (Birds of September)
Fairuz Magazine Prize - Outstanding Literary Works
Khalil Jibran Prize - Arab Heritage Union, Australia
1998 - LIBBY Children's Book Prize - Novel "Yawmiyyat Hirr "
2000 - Author's all works affirmed required matter for candidates to M.A. and PhD Degree - Saint Joseph University, Beirut
1998 - IBBY Honour List for Children's Novel - "A Cat's Diary"
2002 - Poet Said Akl Prize - Essay on "Southern Winds" (Riyah Janoubiyah)

Mrs. Nasrallah is also a strong supporter to her Alma Mater.

The awards will be distributed during the Alumni Dinner on July 14, 2010 at Le Particulier Restaurant, Beirut.

Thank you our outstanding alumni and Congratulations to LAU!

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