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“Keep Learning” Alumni Lecture Program presents “Relationships: Managing Life Partnership” Part I & II with Dr. Raed Mohsen

-Keep Learning- Alumni Lecture Program presents -Relationships- Managing Life Partnership-Part I & II with Dr.png

As part of its “Keep Learning” alumni lectures program, the Alumni Relations Office organized two lectures titled: “Relationships: Managing Life Partnerships” Part I and Part II, on Friday January 21 and Friday February 25, 2011 at Irwin Hall Theater. Both lectures were presented by Dr. Raed Mohsen, specialized in human communication and marital and family therapy and currently Dean of Students at LAU Beirut. An audiance of more than 430 alumni and friends attended both lectures.

To read the article covering Part I lecture “Uncovering the keys to a successful relationship” kindly go to the following link:

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