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Dream Floor Project

Statement by Toufoula Volunteers

Primarily we would like to introduce ourselves as a youth group entitled Toufoula, dedicated to help improve the quality of life of young children suffering from cancer and blood disease by: 

Today our aim is to build a world “dream floor” specific for those children, designed vividly in order to transcend and break the concept as it being a room. It will be transformed into a playground or a world to discover amid treatment. Since children spend a great deal of time in the hospital consequently their fantasies are shattered to simple questions such as when do we get well? Driven from this point Toufoula’s aim is to provide a good atmosphere for the children in order to surpass many obstacles, which may face them in living dreams of their age group.

We want our special children to live boundlessly unrestrained by their disease. 
We want them to dance, chant, and enjoy their moments.

We already contacted a number of international architects and they have been voluntarily helping us. Our dream floor project includes several famous architects/artists such as Bernard Khoury, Nadim Karam, Simon Kosrmaly, Karen Checkerdgian, Nada Debs, Pascale Tarabey, Karim Chaya & Raed Abi Lamih, Erga Group, Jean Louis Manguy, Gadserellia and several others whose sole aim is to introduce a room yet a fairy tale which our angelic warriors will live through during their therapies.

This floor includes also a playroom, which will embrace library, LCD screens, PS2, networking and many more. Our whole sole aim is to make our children get transferred to a whole new world.

Since this world is what we make out of, as Toufoula, we believe that all children deserve good care and a chance. By good care we mean the minimum that any child should receive irrespective of their nationality, race, or even social class.


Thank you,
Toufoula volunteers 
961 03 03 99 02 - 961 70 85 99 86 

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