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This document has been prepared in conjunction with the Constitution of the Alumni Association and as such it is governed by its articles.

Article IV: Chapters

Section 1: Purpose of a Chapter

To assist LAU in carrying out its objectives and to sponsor various activities designed to bring together alumni residing in a specific area, or of a specific school.

Section 2: Chapter Governance

The activities of the Alumni Chapter shall be administered by a Chapter Executive Committee composed of at least 3 members but no more than 15.

The Executive Committee shall be elected by active members of the Chapter for terms of 3 years. Such terms are to be staggered so that, to the extent possible, an equal number of terms expires each year. Members may be reelected for 1 additional term after which a hiatus of 1 year is required before running for office again. A term that was not completed for any reason will be filled by the next runner up from the candidates. Nominations for the Executive Committee shall be made throughout the Fiscal Year ending on the 30 of September. Elections will follow during the month of October.

All candidates must notify in writing both the President of the Chapter and the Director of Alumni Relations of their intention to run for office.

For chapters that have been established for over 10 years, only alumni who have been members of executive committees of chapters for a period of three years and more are eligible to run for an officer position (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer).

During elections and in case of a tie, the candidate with most seniority wins.

Section 3: Duties of Officers of the Chapter

The officers of the Chapter are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Members at large
  • The Director of Alumni Relations as an ex-officio member without a vote


  • The President shall carry on the duties of that office.
  • The President shall call and preside at all meetings of the chapter.
  • The President shall appoint the chairpersons of standing or adhoc committees of the chapter.
  • The President shall approve and co-sign all bank transactions with the Treasurer.
  • The President shall be responsible to submit a quarterly comprehensive Progress Report to the Alumni Relations Office on the state of the Chapter.


  • The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in her/his absence.
  • The Vice-President shall approve and co-sign all bank transactions with the Treasurer in the absence of the President


  • The Treasurer shall be responsible to manage all funds and bank transactions for the Chapter, shall insure adherence to proper accountancy procedures, and collect the Alumni Membership Dues.
  • The Treasurer shall submit an annual financial report to the Alumni Relations Office at the end of the Fiscal Year.


  • The Secretary shall be responsible to minute meetings, and communicate them.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible to update alumni lists and submit them to the Alumni Relations Office.

Section 4: Requirements from Chapters

  • The Executive Committee or Chapters are required to meet at least once a month. The time and place of meetings shall be decided by the President of the Chapter.
  • The Executive Committees of Chapters are required to organize at least one major annual event and two gatherings per year.
  • The Executive Committees of Chapters are required to fully abide by the Articles of the Alumni Association Constitution and Bylaws.
  • The Executive Committees of a Chapter has the right to suspend by majority vote any member of the committee if abscentiated three times during a year without justified reason.
  • All Executive Committee members will be required to pay their Annual Dues.

Section 5: Suggested Standing Committees of Chapters

Following are suggested standing Committees for Chapters, with their scope of work:

Development and Scholarship Committee

  • Encourage alumni to donate and participate in the development efforts of LAU.
  • Assist the Director of Alumni Relations and recommend effective methods of increasing support to LAU.

Alumni Activities and Services Committee

  • Establish and administer an annual calendar for activities for approval during the fall session.
  • Recruit volunteers and students to assist in organizing events.

Student recruitment and Career Networking Committee

  • Assist the Admission Office of LAU in establishing strong relationships with officers of High Schools both in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Assist University Admissions officers in recruitment activities.
  • Help recent graduates in career development and placement, by inviting interested graduates to place CV’s with the committee chair.

Communication and Public Relations Committee

  • Assist the Director of Relations and the Director of Alumni Relations in promoting LAU and the Alumni activities.
  • Prepare a quarterly progress report about the chapter activities.

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