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This document has been prepared in conjunction with the Constitution of the Alumni Association and as such it is governed by its articles.

Article II: Membership

Section 1

Members of the Alumni Association who settle their annual dues are considered active members. As such they are entitled to nominate and elect the Executive Committees of their Chapters, and enjoy the Alumni Associations benefits.

Section 2

Alumni who are graduates of AJCW, BCW, BUC & LAU and who have settled their Alumni Association Annual Membership dues, are eligible to run for any office of an Executive Committee of a Chapter.

Section 3

Members of the Alumni Association shall be associated with one and only one Chapter of the Alumni Association of the Lebanese American University.

Section 4

Alumni interested in establishing a Chapter in a certain geographic area or school, shall petition the Director of Alumni Relations in writing.

Section 5

Members petitioning to establish a Chapter shall be informed of the University’s decision concerning their status within a period of 2 months of receiving their appeal.

Section 6

Any request by the Alumni Association to confer honorary memberhip upon those persons who have made extraordinary personal commitment to the Lebanese American University, shall be relayed to the Director of Alumni Relations who will seek the approval of the President of LAU.

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