Alumni & Friends The Alumni Association


This document has been prepared in conjunction with the Constitution of the Alumni Association and as such it is governed by its articles.

Article I: Specific Goals

In line with the University policies and procedures, the goals are set:

  • Build awareness, understanding and unity among the alumni as to the developments at LAU.
  • Provide alumni input on University issues.
  • Support student recruitment efforts and provide a network of contacts to this end.
  • Conduct social and cultural activities that are of interest to alumni.
  • Encourage the alumni to provide and update their information with the Chapters’ Executive Committees and Alumni Relations Office. Identify ways alumni can be involved in the campus life of LAU and encourage distinguished alumni to serve as speakers in workshops and seminars.
  • Provide a career network for graduates.
  • Increase alumni participation in University advancement activities, including financial and other types of support.

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