Alumni & Friends Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring Handbook

This handbook provides an overview of the LAU Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP), sponsored jointly by the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) and the Offices of the Deans of Students (Career and Placement).

1. Program Description

AMP and the ARO Mission

The mission of the Alumni Relations Office is to enhance lifelong relationships between LAU and its graduates in such a way that supports the University’s overall mission. The office provides alumni with opportunities for social interaction, networking, active involvement in the community and philanthropic support.  The Alumni Mentoring Program enhances the ARO’s mission through bringing together alumni with seniors for the purpose of supporting the early stages of the students’ careers.


The program provides LAU senior students with opportunities to interact individually with experienced alumni in their chosen career fields, allowing them to receive advice related to their academic and professional development.

2. Roles and Responsibilities
The roles and responsibilities of the Alumni Relations Office and those of students, and mentors, participating in the mentoring program are delineated as follows:

The Mentoring Board

The Alumni Relations Office and the Offices of the Deans of Students match students and alumni mentors in order to maximize the benefits of the mentoring process. The Mentoring Board consists of two faculty members, one Student Development and Enrollment Management (SDEM) member, one ARO member, and one AAB member. The Board screens forms of both mentors and mentees for approval.


The AMP program is entirely voluntary. All LAU senior students are eligible to participate at any time.


Mentors serve on a voluntary basis. Would-be mentors may register with the program through the Alumni Relations Office.

3. The Mentoring Process

Student Registration

Interested students should register online at, providing contact information and background relevant to personal and professional interests, preferred geographic locations and career goals. Once the student’s information is entered in the online system, he or she receives a set of program guidelines, for which the student must in turn submit an acknowledgment of receipt. The information the student provides is confidential, and is used solely to identify a mentor whose background and interests coincide as closely as possible with those of the student.

Mentor Registration

Alumni wishing to become mentors may register online at  Once they have done so, they receive a set of program guidelines, for which the alumnus/alumna must submit an acknowledgment of receipt.  Similar to the students, the information submitted to ARO by alumni interested in the mentorship program consists of contact and relevant background information.


Once students and potential mentors have registered online and after the approval of the mentoring board on the illegibility of the applicants, the Alumni Relations Office and the Offices of the Deans of Students (Career and Placement) analyze the submitted information to determine optimal student-mentor matches. The program’s administration then notifies students and mentors of their matches and, with their agreement, provides them with the relevant background and contact information. The student is responsible for arranging the initial meeting with the mentor, either by telephone or in person if possible. The student should initiate contact within one week of receiving the mentor’s background information. The initial meeting or virtual/phone communication should take place no more than two weeks after the student receives the mentor’s background information.

The student and mentor should make use of the first meeting to assess their mutual satisfaction with their matches. If either party feels that the match is not appropriate, the Alumni Relations Office should be notified as quickly as possible so that the student may be matched with a more suitable mentor.


The mentoring phase of the Alumni Mentoring Program will last as long as the mentor and student wish to maintain the relationship. However, at the end of the first year of the mentoring relationship, the parties are kindly requested to submit a satisfaction survey to the ARO. The Alumni Relations Office and the Offices of the Deans of Students (Career and Placement) will then review the student-mentor relationship. If it has not met expectations, they consider finding a better match for the student if the relationship under review has not met expectations.

The success of the mentoring phase is highly dependent on the relationship between the student and mentor. Face-to-face mentoring meetings and joint participation of both parties in relevant social or professional events are both tools that may strengthen the relationship over time. 

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